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By posting this stupid picture, you’re starting the week off wrong, so very very wrong…

Okay, it’s time to make a piping hot chamomile tea, shower and then bath with Eucalyptus! Then bed!! Perfect Saturday night lazy time.

How kind of you to share the details of your Saturday night date with yourself at home with the rest of the world.  We were all dying to know you’re taking a shower and a bath.  How clean of you.

I’d like to move on and make the most of the night…

I’d like that too…as long as it moves you away from posting stupid stuff like this.

Leaving work. I’m a pooped pup.

I feel like a pup pooped on me after reading this stupid Facebook post.

Thank God for Neosporin…(+pain relief)

Thank God you shared this stupid Facebook Post.  I would have been in pain if I hadn’t read it.  No, wait, it pains me to read it.

Shorts and flip flops

Do I, or does ANYONE for that matter, care what you’re wearing??  Unless you’re posting this SFP because it’s what you want to wear.  Oh wait, we still don’t care.

Ugh it’s gonna be a hellish week, if this morning is any indicator.

Thank you for sharing such uplifting thoughts with the rest of the world and making our Facebook news feeds hellish with your stupid Facebook post.